Using Chat Service Providers to Accelerate Your Lead Generation!

Using Chat Service Providers to Accelerate Your Lead Generation!

“This is my first position in marketing and I am the only one who is active in this department, this means it is all on me to generate quality leads.”

You are not alone.

Can you name the factors that will shape the potential growth of your business? It is essential because they are the ones that say something about the present status of your website’s lead generation quantity as well as quality, and ways to know your quality leads as well. The most vital way to generate leads effectively here is to do so through personal interaction via a smart communication tool and that is the live chat and its chat service providers.

The ways in which live chat helps generate 3x more leads are:

  • Comfort ability for customers

The chief objective of the live chat system is to establish comfort zones for your business’s leads. This mentioned comfort zones result in the creation of elegance and trust in the minds of your customers towards your website representatives. The mental push or psychological edge that they (the customers) need to get acquainted with your representatives will be generated by the created trust and that will help you gain control over the mind of the customers.

With amazing features of live chat like co-browsing and video chat, you can develop customer convenience and then gradually trust. Prior to even greeting, there is another metric that you need to focus on and that is the referral data. It comprises of a bunch of valuable data on the customer.

That is exactly to know from where your visitor landed on your page. Such metrics are essential to fuel your initial approach to any website user.

“91% of the users that were invited to engage in live chat with representative said that they liked live chat as it helped them in their product buying decision and also resolved their queries immediately.” –Vtldeaign.

“38% of the virtual users admitted that they made their purchases because of the live chat session.”

These statistics are the evidence that live chat is needed as the smart layer to make lead generation more scientific, enjoyable, and personal.

  • A lighter budget for marketing

In the current vast zone of competition, everyone is putting in their best efforts to present themselves in a unique light to clients all across the globe. This has created an obsession among some of the business enterprises to spend more of their efforts on higher marketing strategies.

Without a doubt, some are already employing the use of a significant amount of money on marketing than what is really needed. Just remember that the success of your business does not depend on the enlargement of your marketing budget, you have to be smart in order to achieve more at a low cost.

The direct approaches of the live chat software can meet all your requirements and that too with a slashed marketing budget.

“It is common for business enterprises to save as much as 50% on support costs with the help of live chat instead of using traditional means of communication like a phone.”

  • Creating a great mobile experience

In this fast-paced world, everyone is running out of time. Majority of us do not have the time to sit in front of a screen whether it is a television or computer or anything else. People usually surrender themselves to their personal digital pets, i.e. their Smartphone.

This means that you too will have to allow your clients to get updated with their purchased whereabouts round the clock and for that, you should dive into the field of mobile devices.

All of this will be possible via advanced mobile applications of live chat services. It is vital. No one will use your website’s mobile application if it slows them down, which means that you must ensure that your clients come back to you every time, connect with them using the best quality live chat applications meant for Smartphone.

With the use of these advanced technologies, your website visitors will be able to text the chat service providers at once from the page and device that they are on and using. Your agents too will be able to reply to the customers from anywhere and value their precious time.

With this approach, you will be able to connect more customers and agents in order to get a better understanding of the situation, demand and to weigh information. All such sensitive agreements will make your footmark concrete without the need of any third party addition or installation.

  • The human factor

Yes, you got this right, I am talking about the personal human interaction that carries the warms of human gestures and it is that one-on-one communication that will make the products and services of your website and its way to help customers utterly unique.

“77% of the online users desire to get connected with a real person prior to reaching any final buying decision.”

“42% of the customers believe that the essential perk of live chat is its immediate accessing ability to a live chat agent, without any hurdles.”


The customers of today, even in this fast moving world, crave human touch when they interact with your business and the live chat software is the best possible tool to meet their needs, requirements and expectations.

A direct video call or co-browsing feature between your live chat agents and customers add a layer of authenticity to your website. The customers feel safer with your agents smiling in the video assistance and being polite and understanding at every step.

You can also outsource your website chat support. Expert service providers such as LeadAbode can generate up to 3 times more leads from your business website.

This, my friend, is the ultimate road that you need to take if you truly want to make it to the destination of quality lead generation for the successful and positive growth of your brand in the long run.

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