Strategies for serving the right mid-funnel marketing to your business

Content marketing, as we all know, represent the strategy to attract and inform prospective customers about a product or service publishing valuable information and insights online about the same. This is primarily achieved through blog posts, articles, case studies regarding the business to facilitate marketers to determine their purchase pattern. The Return on Investment (ROI) received via content marketing can be phenomenal. It also backs SEO efforts by establishing backlinks and creating good content with effective keywords on your website that helps it get noticed via search engines. Content marketing is, therefore, the approach undertaken to facilitate a business online and produce sales.

One who is aware of the term content marketing must have equally come across the concept of “funnel.” A funnel is primarily the top-to-bottom arrangement of the potential customers who are aware of the product or service to their conversion as the ultimate trading customers. The difference in the number of these consumers is arguably what gives the funnel its distinctive shape. In its practical sense, the number of buyers cannot be equivalent to its initial prospects.

A marketing funnel also displays the journey of a prospect undertakes before he gets transformed into a trading customer. From knowing about a product, analyzing its strength to ultimately procuring the product, the customer goes through all these stages before considering his purchase.

Parallel shape of the funnel –The older shape of a marketing funnel required oneself to include more prospects to the top since only a filtered sum of customers end up reaching the stage where they transform into actual buyers. Therefore, a parallel shape of the funnel has also come to prominence. It suggests a bow shape to the entire process in order to represent how marketers should open up even after a buyer completes his purchase and make necessary efforts to retain the customers. Marketers have argued over the prominence of this bow tie funnel and have claimed that this funnel has led to the generation of more profits for the business.

In this article, we talk about the stage that involves mid-funnel marketing and the strategies that advance this process:-

What is mid-funnel marketing?

Mid-Funnel marketing defines the evaluation phase of the buyer’s journey. At this point, he displays interest in a particular product and executes his decision regarding the acquisition of the product. This stage witnesses his conversion from a prospect to a buyer. Marketers often neglect this process to emphasis more on the beginning and towards the end of the funnel. But this process is equally significant as the Top funnel and Bottom funnel techniques, forsaking which may lead to the firm towards incurring losses.

Now, how does one take up adequate mid-funnel marketing techniques to retain their customers? What are the best ways to facilitate a wide-scale promotion of the business during this period? We will discuss them below.

As leads traffic through the marketing funnel, their analysis for the current situation changes. They tend to compare the facilities guaranteed by both you and your competitors. Therefore, it is necessary to chalk out strategies that confer strategic advantages on you over your competitors or the substitutes of the goods you manufacture in the market. Persuading the consumers regarding your services, generating their demand and retaining the same is undoubtedly the target that needs to be set during this process.

Here’s where content comes to the rescue. Quality content preserves consumer interest towards the business and ultimately converts them into sales. Hence, it is the most effective strategy to facilitate adequate mid-funnel marketing for the business. Content can be generated in numerous ways, some of which are discussed below:

1. Adequate Mid funnel advertising – Mid funnel is designed to engross and edify customers. Hence mid-funnel advertisements should be to the point with a well-defined call to action. 

Advertisement campaigns for mid-funnel content should focus on creating eye-catchy visuals and appealing designs. Concurrently, they should be brief with strong headlines that define the motive of the business. A clear call-to-action induces customers to take more and more interest in the strategies of the business website base their purchase decisions in favor of it. It will also facilitate a search lift for the website and make its presence prominent on search engines.

2. Publishing Case studies – Case studies are the most prized possessions of mid-funnel content when the matter they consist is of superior quality. These offer an excellent source of educating customers about your industry through storytelling and testimonials of past customers. Citing examples from the purchase stories of previous buyers will encourage the consumers, relate to similar experiences and eliminate the possibility of them being skeptical. They will hence consider purchasing the product once they have contended with the fact that the source is credible and the products are reliable. Case studies can be implemented effectively in blog posts and newsletters for further references.

3. Facilitating Automation – At the stage of mid-funnel marketing, consumers expect familiarity with the business and their services. Marketers should hence provide automated content to the prospects to personalize the flow of information from seller to the buyer. This establishes a healthy relationship between them. Automation, mainly of emails and newsletters to the customers, allows the marketer to associate with the purchase behavior of his customer. This aids him to deliver content that will incline purchase decisions of the customers to his favour and make room for brand loyalty.

4. Undertaking Lead Scoring – Automation is said to bridge the gap between the buyer and seller and establish a healthy relationship. Now how does one check whether this strategy has actually benefited the business? Lead Scoring basically assigns value to the prospects and analyses their further actions regarding purchase. When a lead reaches a specific value or point, he is considered to be a significant prospect with the maximum chance of getting converted to a buyer. Hence, more emphasis is laid on his interests. This process needs to be carried out on a regular basis to ensure that there’s no change in the activities of the leads. Lead scoring also results in increased productivity of the business and their awareness for customer benefits.

5. Publishing White Papers – Leadabode describes white papers in content marketing as reports that sketch a problem and provide a solution to it. White papers begin with a particular perspective regarding the matter of concern, say, how a particular product has been providing better results than its substitute. Next, they convince the customers undergoing them, that the stance they have initially rendered support on is the ideal one. White papers are usually lengthier than blog posts since they initiate some critical debates. These papers are traditionally based on the original viewpoints of the marketers. Publishing white papers will enhance the prestige of your company in front of the customers since they will be awestruck by the way your company expresses its opinions regarding a matter of concern and commands authority. This will strengthen your customer base and make you stand out in comparison to your competitors.

Quick brush up: – Here’s a summary of all that you need to do in order to implement the right mid-funnel strategy for your business: 

  • Marketing and sales should always go hand in hand. Mid-funnel strategies should hence be undertaken with the sole purpose of achieving one’s sales targets.
  • Marketers should make the right use of automated emails to educate and nurture consumer interests towards their strategies.
  • Track the purchase behavior of customers from time to time in order to figure out any change in action and take effective measures to satisfy the needs of the customers.
  • Promote your mid-funnel strategies on every social platform for your business to gain recognition. Promotion increases the chances of further leads taking interest in your business as well as the prior ones converting their awareness to interest and ultimately purchase.



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