Live Chat Support Agents- How To Generate Leads And Increase Conversions?

Live Chat Support Agents- How To Generate Leads And Increase Conversions?

Learning and adopting various technological methods to provide exceptional live chat services is the key to the success of a company and business organization. Having an online presence not only helps a business to grow and evolve in the competitive environment, but it also provides various opportunities to maximize the benefits. Designing the most effective customer care service which reduces efforts and saves both time and money is a tough task. Live chat is known to deliver competent service where the live chat agents get an instant feedback and the customers get an instant response. The agent can assist the customers online by providing useful links despite the difference in their geographical location.

One of the most salient features of the live chat services is lead generation. It simply means creating and implementing a marketing process that can stimulate and capture the interest of the consumers in a particular product or service. The digital media has now made it possible to develop the potential leads and pass them to sales. The company utilizes the services of live chat for lead generation by-

  • Representing the company and customer.
  • Finding the right customers for the brand.
  • Mass advertising on the basis of demographics, and customer’s behavior.
  • Using integrated online channels to form a co-dependent relationship with the customer.

Making decisions on the basis of the facts and figures collected by the live chat agents.

According to the American Marketing Association, B2B businesses that use the services of live chat witnessed the increase in conversions by 20%. A good example of this is the Virgin Airlines, the company saw an increase of 20% in the conversion rates and a 15% increase in the average order value. According to the second survey, 51% of the customers were more likely to purchase from a site that uses live chat, and 29% of the customers are willing to buy from a site that offers online chat services even if they don’t use it. This data indicates how important it is for a business organization to acquire the services of live chat.

The live chat support agents are trained to handle the live chat customer services and become familiar with the kind of online platform they are going to use. Adequate information is given to the live chat agents about the products and services provided by the company they will be working for. The agents provide accurate and complete information to the online customers waiting for a response only because of the knowledge base, and canned messages that come with the online chatting application.

The live chat agents involve the client in a productive discussion by informing them about any newly launched product in the market. The agents convince the online customers to try a new product sample free of cost. After taking the feedback and valuable suggestions from the customers, the live chat agents collect and forward the data to the concerned company. The company uses the same information to improve and understand what exactly a customer needs. This is an effective way to generate leads and add more customers to the company’s list.

The live chat support agents work 24/7  to provide customized online technical solutions to the customers. The customers will not wait and immediately switch to a different brand or channel if the online chat agents do not respond to them quickly. The agents also play an important role to determine the impact of marketing on the growth of the company. The live chat agents assist the customers across different online platforms. They are also well equipped to provide multilingual support to the consumers belonging to the different parts of the world.

The live chat experts ask basic questions from the customers to understand and evaluate the needs, requirements and wants of the customers. The agents work to establish a personal rapport with the potential customers which helps the company in the long-term run.

Live chat apps help in creating a standard response template which is used to improve the overall chatting experience of the consumer. The customers will automatically move on to the next website that provides the live chat services as it is the key to build trust and credibility with the brand. The brand needs to work constantly to show that they care about their respective customers.

The companies save a ton of money by opting for the live chat services as it saves them from the hassle to hire and train the online chat agents. According to a study conducted by the eDigital Customer Service Benchmark concluded that around 73% of the online customers were satisfied when they were contacted online through live chat.

The live chat agents are the ones who represent the company by becoming the face of the brand. The overall communication experience of the customers indirectly affects the image of the business. That is why the live chat operators hired by the company have good communication skills. How a brand sells a particular product or service helps project an image in both offline and online market.

The live chat professionals are well aware of the company’s privacy policies that help them to perform even better in the sales area. The agents know how to use the time-saving tricks and utilize the customer’s information. Once the live chat agents learn how to operate the dashboard, they help the company to rebrand the helpdesk and use customized online ticket form. The efforts of the online chat agents help a company to increase their conversion rates quickly and retain the customers.

There are many good companies that provide professional chat support agents to the clients for online lead generation, such as LeadAbode. All chat agents are trained well-enough to access the basic live chat functions using canned messages and add a personalized touch. The clients can avail free trial services with an easy to use set up by simply filling in their name, website, e-mail address, and phone number.

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