Enhance The Value Of Your Brand And Generate More Leads With Live Chat Services!

Enhance The Value Of Your Brand And Generate More Leads With Live Chat Services!

Today the world is full of business ventures. And the Customers can be a bit challenging for any business atmosphere. As all the customers want to find answers online & they want to talk to a real agent. They expect not only the right and up-to-date answer, but, increasingly, a lightning-fast answer to their queries.

To maintain the customer-agent bond stronger, enter the world of live chat software which is one of the most useful tools when it comes to meeting the needs of today’s demanding and connected customers. Now the question is why? Chatting with customers is the best of worlds, personal and the digital. It offers the customers to stay away from pain points, provides real-time human interaction, facilitated by a computer, mobile or any other device.

The importance of live chat software cannot be overstated as witnessed by the results of a study of an organisation, which revealed that 92 percent of online customers feel satisfied when they are using the live chat feature for online purchase as compared to other communication tools like phone call is 88 percent, for email it is 85 percent, web form 85 percent, and social media like Facebook it is 84 percent and Twitter 77 percent ratio of customer support.

Chat is much more than a nice-to-have customer support service enhancement for today’s hyper connected online consumers. Surprisingly, a large bunch of business firms still do not have this feature available on their websites. Most of the companies are under the belief that live chat services are merely a way to connect with the seller online, and since there are other alternatives available, there is no need to have an online chat feature on the websites. This is nothing more than a myth since online chat application does more than just allowing an online visitor to get in touch with the service agents. Moreover, the live chat feature helps to increase the customer satisfaction level by making customers feel important while also providing additional benefits regarding the goods and services. Add the online chat feature that offers your business a bunch of leads so that there is increase in visibility of your website on Google ladders.

There are a numerous of studies which have shown that the live chat service preference varies greatly with age. Millennial tend to prefer it more than the customers over the age of 35 years. But many studies have shown that over half of the consumers have tried using a form of chat at least once forcustomer support. Following are some steps that brands can engage customers and drive sales while turning chat into a go-to channel for consumers of all ages:

  • Send chat invitations to visitorspromptly

This is one of the best features in a proactive online chat application that can let real agents know the perfect time to offer chat to the website visitors who may be at their online store, while the intelligence capabilities of such a solution can examine customer behavior and provide web analytics to enable the brands to deliver prompt online chat invitations to exactly the right website visitor at the right times. Don’t miss a chance to engage a potential customer, website visitors, and retain a current one.

  • Be personal with customers and treat chat like a real conversation

Online chat service should be treated like any professional conversation that might take place over the phone call. Real agents of support team should introduce themselves by name, ask for the name of the customer, and maintain a professional yet friendly tone to initiate the customer service experience in a natural way even when some responses may be scripted during the chat session.

  • Make sure customers know live chat feature is available on website

When an online chat option pops up on a website, customers need to see it clearly against the web page they are viewing online at that time. This means a simple but large enough pop-up window with a good-sized, legible font as well as placing the window in such a way that it doesn’t prevent the customer from continuing to navigate online. Thus, make your online chat feature attractive yet good-sized.

·       Make the chat feature mobile-friendly

For the live customers on the go or those who may need assistance while they are active on online stores, having live chat features available on a mobile optimized or responsive company website is a must with click-to-chat buttons. Don’t isolate the mobile customer and make sure it’s also easy to switch to another channel when needed with easy click-to-call buttons. Thus, make your business website mobile friendly or completely responsive.

·       Be on time when responding to customers.

Time is always a key to success, so support agents should answer promptly when your customers follow up on a live chat invitation. They should also provide a phone number in case the chat goes offline unexpectedly so that the customers can call if the query is major, and customers should be informed of wait times, as and when they are being placed on hold. Furthermore, the real live agent should understand it’s a conversation, so never leaving the customer hanging in a doubt.

·       Provide a strong knowledge tooland act as a lead generator on the website

Online chat support offers you the chance to take benefit of the correct type of traffic to your website.Providing answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the business website can enable the customer self-service to resolve their issues with the help of FAQs and eliminate the need for a chat tool at all. However, if a live chat is initiated, areal agent of support team that can make references to the FAQs as necessary and reduce handling time by offering quick solutions on live chat.


Online chat feature is an efficient& versatile channel for both customers and the firm’s sales team that helps in enabling agents to assist customers with purchases and technical service issues alike and driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Outsourcing your website support for lead generation can also be a good idea in case you want to reduce the costs involved in building an in house chat support team. Service providers such as LeadAbode offer experienced live chat agents who can work upon lead generation from your website &make the environment friendly for your business venture. Thus, add live chat option on your website and gain more leads for your business.

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