Tips to On board New Live Chat Operators for an Effective Lead Generation!

Tips to On board New Live Chat Operators for an Effective Lead Generation!

“While one operator seat is sufficient during the year, having more operators next year should multiply the number of customers we help and sales we convert.” –Vince La Rosa.

Let me start with a good piece of advice that won’t seem crazy to you, if you want your website to generate leads without having to add on to or reduce duties of other staff members then hiring live chat operators any time you want as per your communication needs will be a great solution.

It is not a crazy idea to start adding more live chat agents and getting them trained and ready to assist your customers. There are only a few things that you will have to take care of:

Pick the qualified candidates

It all begins with picking the right candidates to play the roles of live chat agents. You should weigh people heavily on the basis of their attitude as well as basic social skills.

It is essential that the hired ones are calm, empathetic and possess a positive demeanour as it can assist your business in looking good in the eyes of the customers. Knowledge, skills, and tools, all of these things can be taught however a forward-facing attitude is not easy to come by.

The initial part of the hiring process should be to ask the candidates to present you with a short video or show you something that tells you more about who they are and the approach they take to deal with customers of different temperaments.

Start new agents on a chat test drive

When you choose the candidates that will be a part of the live chat team then it is highly recommended to give them some time to ride along with other experienced agents.

Get the newbies to sit by the side of the experienced ones so that they get to observe the things that they have to keep in mind when representing your brand. After a week or so, you can flip the roles and have someone on your team at the side of the newbies when they help the real customers.

“Last year, we weren’t prepared for the demand on our customer service team. I learned I need to hire part-time staff to spread the chat workload, and that they need to be trained in different techniques to handle a customer’s request in a polite and professional manner.” –Lisa Chu.

Sure this process will demand a certain amount of time investment but it will pay dividends at tough times.

Teach the agents about the right way

Once you have got the newbies settled into their roles as your website representatives, what else should you teach them? Well, you can start with this piece of advice

“I like to remind myself that the point of doing customer service is to try to help the customer, not to figure out who is ‘right’.”

The agents should be made aware of the words, tone, and way of writing that would be acceptable by your company and also by the customers. Do not make the mistake of telling your agents that they should treat the customers as friends, well yeah they should, but there has to be a line between the borders that they cannot cross into friend town because the agents should also remember the motive with which this service was started and that is to be of utmost assistance to the customers.

The second most important advice can be:

“Remember, when people are upset by an issue they have come across. They are not upset at you, however upset at the situation. Ensure that you remember that you are just an individual assisting the people. Display empathy and let the customers know that you genuinely care about them and their issues, and do not let the negative words of the customers divert you from your path. Being of assistance to others is one of the most important fulfilling things that one can do with his or her time.”

Other things that the agents can do to play their role in the right way are:

  • Do not overpromise: Do not make the mistake of overpromising the clients about something when you yourself are not certain that it can be fixed. If the customer asks you a question or presents an issue that demands reflection then let them know that you will definitely look into it and do your best. Be sure to be realistic about when they can expect the exact solution.
  • Do not talk down to the customers: Even when a customer is frustrated or annoyed, the chances are it is your fault due to the fact that your product or its document is not sufficiently clear.
  • Do not panic: If you remind yourself to stay calm no matter what when you are communicating with the customer then it will show in the conversation, which will also calm the customer to a certain degree. Treat every website visitor like they are your first chat of the day and do not get discouraged by the number of conversations that you have already had or you are going to have.
  • Be efficient: While chatting take as many chats as you can and be sure to double check the answer before you press enter.


“Next year I’d have more live chat agents on board as customers feel a lot more at ease knowing they can voice any concerns or queries with you.” –Curl Soul.

Hiring live chat operators to create sales, reduce cart abandonment and increase lead generation is always a good idea, especially during the holiday season as there is no bad time to visit any website.

With a good plan in place, hiring new agents for manning your customer service and sales responsibilities all as one would can be a piece of cake if you outsource your website support. Service providers such as LeadAbode are great at focussing upon optimal satisfaction of their clients & also provide a 10 days free trial.

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