With Zapier Integration, LeadAbode Just Joined Hands With Over 1000 Apps!

With Zapier Integration, LeadAbode Just Joined Hands With Over 1000 Apps!

Generating sales leads has always been a crucial part of a business & luckily, with LeadAbode’s live chat lead generation expert agents available on your website 24×7, you can be sure that your sales leads pipeline is always going to remain filled with the hand-picked, qualified sales leads. But, sales leads generation is just the beginning of a process, whose ultimate aim is earning a new customer.

We all know the super formula to grow a business; More Sales Leads = More Customers = Business Growth, right? But, what separates the most successful businesses from the not-so-successful-businesses is how they handle the transition from the first step of the formula i.e Generating More Sales Leads to the second step i.e Converting them into customers. A lot of variables do run in this formula which effect the conversion chances of your sales lead. But, one of the most important of them is how swiftly & effectively can you process your sales lead through your other crucial software for its nurturing.

LeadAbode understands the very significance of the swift & effective sharing of the freshly generated sales leads with the other crucial software that help you in increasing its convertibility & for this very purpose, has joined hands with Zapier!

Zapier? What’s that?

Zapier is a simple tool which does the complex task of automation across 1000+ apps like a cakewalk. You can see it as a conveyor belt which lets you automatically transport your sales leads, support tickets & chat transcripts to over 1000 apps as soon as they get generated by LeadAbode.

Just imagine the endless possibilities we just gave with you with the Zapier Integration. Just for an example, the moment LeadAbode generates a Sales Lead for you, you can add it as a new project in Asana & work collaboratively with your teammates to convert it & simultaneously add it as a contact in your Zoho CRM for the further follow-up. Further, for a simple record, you can get it automatically added to your Google Spreadsheet & even as a Google Contact.

Not only it increases the convertibility of your precious sales leads, it also saves your valuable time that you would otherwise need to spend on feeding your LeadAbode sales leads, support tickets & chat transcripts data across different apps manually.

How do I Set it Up?

Simply sign-in to your LeadAbode dashboard & click on the ‘Integrations’ tab. Here, simply click on ‘See More DeskMoz Integrations’ at the bottom. This will take you to the Zapier platform where you can choose LeadAbode as the Trigger App & choose your desired web app as the Trigger App.

Under the ‘Integrations’ tab on your LeadAbode dashboard, we have also listed the 10 most famous integrations you may like to build with LeadAbode. Here they are:

Got any questions about Chat Outsourcing, setting Zapier or need assistance with it? Our technical team is always available here.

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