Generate More Leads By Hiring Skilled Chat Support Agents!

Generate More Leads By Hiring Skilled Chat Support Agents!

The digital era has changed drastically, as now the usage of chat applications and software packages is increasing rapidly. Everyone is becoming more and more dependent upon virtual communication. According to a report by Statistic Brain, the number of monthly texts sent increased more than 7,700% over the last decade.

Every organization should try to reduce customer’s efforts so that they can find the resolution in less time. They should create better software that can run easily without creating any problems.  It is an excellent way to boost the goodwill of an organization in less time. This tool helps your customers in coming back, building a long-term loyalty, and adding new clients. Moreover, one can reduce customers’ effort by designing experiences that are easier to understand and use. Live chat is the most effective tool that helps in generating leads without any hassle.

How to reduce customer’s effort?

Observing customer experience- For understanding your customers better, you need to follow the path they take to do business with you. Look at the customers’ mapping so as to get the baseline of the segments that directly impact the customer’s effort score. This test will help in creating a customer-centric product design.

Ask for feedback- Observing the experience of the customer is just the first step. Moreover, the chat support agents need to be proactive in the chat as it helps in converting a website visitor into a customer.  Agents should request the customer to give feedback directly by using survey such as customer satisfaction survey(CSAT), the aforementioned customer effort score (CES), and the net promoter score (NPS)

Mining the data- Chat support agents can take help from the surveys which they have collected from the customers. This may actually be a more effective way to spot areas that are requiring too much effort. One can sum up the data by categorizing the support requests into product areas by using an about field on your ticket form. Then it becomes easy to analyze the support request with the help of product areas.  After collecting the feedback from the customers, we tend to know what customers actually want and it is vital to share the information with other team members of the company who can act properly on the feedback. The feedback should reach the product, design and development team that will help in improving the quality of product and service so that customers feel happy and delightful.

Make easy stuff easy- Self-service is the best way by which all the problems of customers are resolved in less time. Moreover, customers like self-service because they don’t have to contact the chat representative or wait for a reply. Therefore, it requires less effort as compared to any other customer service tool. It helps in winning the trust of customers and they feel delightful.

Self-service- Knowledge base is especially effective in handling various issues of the customers. If the customers are able to resolve their simple problems on their own, then the business owners can save customers’ as well as agents’ time. The agent can give time to someone who needs help urgently and is unable to find an appropriate solution. Eventually, it helps in boosting the customer loyalty and the customer effort score.

Easy to contact- Most of the times it is suggested that companies should use tools that can help in contacting the agents easily. This will make the customers feel more delightful and satisfied. The communication channel should be easy to access so that one can look for help at any point in time. When customers are on your website, live chat may be an excellent way for your clients to get instant and easy access to the support team. All the budding customers love the convenience and immediacy of live chat, as they are able to look for an effective solution with just a click.

Fix it right the first time- If you are able to resolve the issue of your budding customers in just one contact with the support team, effort obviously is reduced significantly and you are able to generate maximum number of leads. That is why it is suggested to track the first contact resolution metric so closely. If the CR rate is high, it means that you have received lots of issues that could have been handled better with self-service. One should compare the FCR with the number of tickets reopened. If the agent is not able to assist with a proper solution in the first attempt, then they are not performing their job properly.

Take assistance from new technology- The live chat service provider can check customer’s effort level by using the technology called satisfaction prediction and answer Bots.

  • Satisfaction prediction- It monitors the touch points in the customer’s conversation and predicts if the interaction is likely to result in a bad CSAT rating and unsatisfied customer. This helps in knowing whether the customer ended the conversation happily or not.
  • Answer Bot- It uses artificial intelligence to reply to the customer’s questions with content from the relevant knowledge base articles in your help center. This results in a quick resolution with an efficient self-service and frees your chat agents to focus on what people do the best: empathize, complexity, and make human connections that build better relationships.

Live chat agents are well educated and trained in all manners to be able to put forward a likable service which makes customers visit the website repeatedly. Consumers are generally not aware of the ongoing offers which a company showcases, chat operators give fully fledged information so as to make them purchase the products at reasonable prices. It helps in adding more customers to the company.

There are many organizations such as LeadAbode that offer better services at an affordable cost. They provide experienced live chat representatives who know how to please the customers. They make sure that customers are satisfied by the resolution offered to them.

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