LeadAbode simply embeds a chat tool on your website & deploys its lead generation expert Chat Agents on it. Our professional Chat Agents then interact with your prospects through live chat & professionally generate the sales leads. These sales leads are real-time forwarded to you for follow-up.

Getting started & using our service is a cake walk. Just sign-up for our 10 days free trial, share the FAQs & paste the chat tool script in the source code of your website. Within 24 hours, we will deploy our lead generation expert Chat Agents on your website & start sending qualified sales leads to you by SMS & Email. You can always access them in your Dashboard as well.

Absolutely! We provide 10 days free trial & don’t even ask to share the payment details. Please sign-up here.

The basic set of questions which your prospects may ask to our Chat Agents. In order to generate the qualified sales leads from them, we need to be able to answer their basic questions & these FAQs help us in doing that.

Ofcourse! Whenever their is a new question, answer or any other update that you would like to share with us, just update it in the FAQs tab of your LeadAbode dashboard.

We’ll put LiveChatInc chat tool on your website. LiveChatInc is simply the best chat tool in the industry, but we’ll put it on your website for completely free.

It is a short, simple & secured snippet of JS script.

Yes, the code of the chat tool is completely secured & is encrypted with 256bit SSL protocol. It does not affect your website’s performance or speed.

Simply copy the tracking code from the Website tab of your LeadAbode dashboard & paste it into your site’s source before the closing tag. If your tech guy faces any issue, we would love to lend a hand with it.

Of course, we can. We come with a rich experience of using all the renowned chat tools at their optimum performance But, since we would need to maintain an additional login for that, it will cost $49/ month extra.

The Chat Agents are trained by our diligent Training Team. We train the Chat Agents on the basis of your FAQs & the training material which our team prepares through a thorough study of your website.

The true parameters of our performance are the quality & the quantity of the sales leads that we generate for you.

Each chat transcript is automatically Emailed to you as soon as the chat gets completed. You can also access all the chat transcripts from your LeadAbode dashboard anytime. At the preliminary stage, we ask you to keep reading the chat transcripts & letting us know about the mistakes that our Chat Agents are making & we promise you that none of them are going to be repeated ever

We deploy real human beings on your website which are expert in generating sales leads over chat. Human touch is still the key.

Our service runs 24×7 for 350+ days with guaranted uptime of more than 99%. We take 11 scehduled leaves in a year & reserve 4 holidays for contingency.

Please check our holiday calendar here.

Yes, as long as you are not downgrading your plan, your unused sales leads will keep adding into the sales leads quota of your next months.

Advanced customization means we will customize the chat tool on your website to the maximum extent. We should be able to customize it exactly as you want. Just let us know what’s in your mind.

Nothing to worry about. We will just keep continuing with our service on your website & at the end of the month, we’ll send you the invoice for the extra sales leads as per the concerned plan.

In fact, when your monthly quota doesn’t look like surviving the month, we gently remind you to upgrade the plan.

Yes, we can! Just hit the chat button on the right bottom corner & let us know what’s in your mind.

You can cancel our services any point of time & we will remove our chat tool & Chat Agents from your website right away. Our service runs on monthly basis & there are no long term contracts involved.

Since we allocate our resources for the complete month when we receive your payment, it is not possible for us to process any refunds.

Yes, you can upgrade/ downgrade your plan in the middle of the month.

All the payments are processed through PayPal which is a global hallmark of highly secured payments.

We are located at 609, 610, Mansarovar Plaza, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)- 302019.

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